1926 Trifold Map of London’s Underground Railways by Stingemore.

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Stingemore’s January 1926 Underground Railways of London guide booklet.
In 1926, a map-maker named Fred Stingemore set out to improve matters by regularising the spacing between stations, and allowing himself some artistic licence with the routes of the various lines.

The result was a map that no longer represented the true shape of London — and thus couldn’t be superimposed on a street map, as earlier attempts had been — but did allow more stations to be represented with larger text:
The map is a linen card trifold and measures 5" x 2" when folded and 5" x 6" when open the smaller size of the early editions. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. 
A rare map in fair condition for its age.

Has water damage to the back cover(see photo) but a rare item.

In perfect condition this would be worth considerably more.